Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Beach Selfie

Reid State Park, near Georgetown, Maine. Not shown: biting sand flies, predatory 20lb sea gull.

ETA: many, many biting things here. I am polka-dotted.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

At the Beach


Iain playing at the beach with his friend. They did this for a solid hour. The moms spent that hour talking and swatting sand flies (biting sand flies).

Monday, July 28, 2014

New Newness

Our friends arrived from...well, from New York but they live in California.

Anyway, they arrived today. Iain and Lucas (4.5) are sleeping together in the loft ("boys only!") tonight. We are downstairs, using our electronic devices and listening to them whisper.

Lucas says he doesn't like shots. Iain says, "I like them." "You do?" "Yeah, because the band-aids are great."


Also, it was validating that Lucas's mother immediately commented on the intense humidity and aggressive quality of the natural world (especially the natural insects, who had a feast on us tonight). At dinner, Charles held up the salad dressing to demonstrate that it's so humid here the labels slide around on front and back. Ie, the water dissolved the glue. Gross.


Tonight we played our first game of Monopoly as a family. Charles won.

He won on the measure: how many 1's do you have?
He won on the measure: how much money do you have overall?
He won on the measure: how much money are your properties worth?

Iain cried. Charles said, "It's just a game. You won on the measure of most monopolies [2]." Iain was unconsoled.

He said, "I want to turn the game off."

Like it was a video game.

Charles points out, it's not a board game (or a family game) without someone crying. Mommy dropped an F-bomb so everyone's performing up to expectations.

[ETA: Aaaannd the revisionism begins. Iain says, "well, at least I won." ??? "Well, I had the MOST MONOPOLIES."]

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Things You Forget

In the West, you can leave your pistachios/pretzels in a bowl on the counter. They remain crunchy.

In the West, when laundry comes out of the dryer it's dry. Like, you could fold it and put it in a drawer. Right away. Because you used the dryer. To dry the laundry.

In the West, nature doesn't touch you much. Except the sun. The sun touches you all the time. But when you walk through the woods it doesn't quite feel as if the greenery were reaching out for you, stroking your legs, thinking about how you would taste if you were to fall and die and the moss could eat you right up.

In the West, roads have signs. They tell you the name of the road. Sometimes, they direct you toward things.

Yo, East. Fun to get re-acquainted.

Ice Cream

 When we travel, I take photos of Iain eating ice cream. The last time he visited Irvine, there must have been four of them.

So...we arrived in Maine yesterday. First stop: ice cream.

I should say that when we lived here (in Auburn, inland from our current spot on Westport Island) we rarely came to the coast on summer weekends. At those times, about ten million people from Massachusetts, New York, and other not-Maine places jam the roads and line up for lobster rolls at Red's Eats.

No exception yesterday. An antiques fair on the church lawn and a summerfest celebration of some kind did not help.

But who cares? We parked (easy to do because many of the horrible cars trailing through town are headed north, not stopping in lovely Wiscasset), walked to Lears and obtained Iain's first cone: cookies and cream. I tried Conservation Crunch (caramel with "crunchies"). Both yum. Upstairs is a toy store so we had to go there, too.

And then back to the house. Today, being Sunday, most things are closed. So we're spending a lazy day in the house, listening to motor boats and birds and sniffing the breeze. Iain says the East "has a lot of nature." Yes.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Camp (Not that kind of camp, Susan*)

This is Iain's third year of camp. He seems to enjoy it more this year - in part because he's a better swimmer and more socially adept in general.

Though he won't admit it, I think his favorite part of camp is the field trips. Every week, often on Wednesday, they scamper off to an apiary, or the zoo, or the Arts Festival. At the last, he especially enjoyed the face paint.